Wednesday, September 01, 2004


ok so like ramble ramble ramble i so dont know what to post about lol

um today sucked

i finally got my locker

ummm im gonna go read or study or somethign

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

um yeA


ok so now that ive got a new livejournal and my new xanga lol

i kno i havent poster here lately but ive been starting school, making a xanga and live journal, and updating profiles and passwords and shit. Not to mention that my blog has been pissing me off because the HTML is gettign fucked up so0o yeA

either way

i didnt know what i was gonna do wiht a live journal, xanga AND blogger so0o i have finall decided

the live journal is for school related things

the xanga is for happy things, funny stories, poems, quotes, maybe a funny IM or 2 here or there

AND last but not least my blogger i will continue to use to vent and just talk about me and what my happy ass did all day !!!!

ok well yeA wiht that all settled and shit lol

visit the livejournal and xanga but never forget my geocities or my freewebs or the freewebs i made for derrek and always sign a guestbook or leave a comment

Friday, August 27, 2004


i went to change titles on the posts and mi whole site got fucked up but W/E SCREW THAT

that and i was gonna try to change the template but liek yeA cause see i ahe all the counters and shit and wehen i stried to c/p all the html for all the shit at the bottom of the page the whole site got fucked up and i dont want to deal wiht ti right now !!!!

so i think im gonna go lay in bed till monday morning so0o ttyl

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